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Which SIM card I need for my Captor node?

asked 2018-06-06 05:14:03 -0600

Marc Lloret gravatar image

First of all you need a SIM card that allows you to have an Static IP address. I think the SIM cards that were bought for the workshop in Vienna have dynamic IP, so I'm afraid they will not work correctly, the nodes may send data but we could not remotely access the node. Therefore, I recommend contacting a local telephone operator that offers SIM cards that have a known IP address. For our Captor nodes we use the cards provided by "Emnify", you can contact them to see if they provide you with SIM cards. The Nodes consume a data average of about 80Mb per month. So keep in mind the possible rates.

Emnify website:

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answered 2018-07-19 02:54:49 -0600

At every country you have several telecom operators, in Spain we used first Movistar with a contract of 8 Euros/month. However, there are special companies, as Marc mentions, that operate in many countries and are specific for IoT solutions.

As Marc mentions the important thing is that the IP address is static.

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