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I have problems with 3G Module...

Unfortunately, the captors only work with Huawei's E303 model. As far as we know, its variants are not compatible.

If you have problems configuring the interface for the 3G module. We are working to complete the full installation tutorial. But the steps are simple:

  1. Connect to the arduino and remotely via browser (using or the assigned local IP)
  2. Log-in and go to "advanced configuration panel (luci)"
  3. Go to "Network" then click "Add new Interface"
  4. Fill with this parameters:

Name: 3gHuawei

Type: UMTS

Click "add"

New Blank fields will appear, insert the following:

Device location: / dev / TTYUSB0

(This depends on the sim inserted)


APN = em (emnify only)

OUR 3G MODULE: image description